Page Protection

One of the critical elements to managing a Wikipedia page is 24 by 7 page monitoring and protection. Companies and individuals with Wikipedia pages are frequently faced with challenge of reputation management. How do you monitor a page 24 hours a day and ensure negative nor inaccurate updates are being made on your Wikipedia page? Simple, you hire us.

Our page management service is a monthly paid service that monitors any change on your Wikipedia page. If anyone, authorized or not makes a change on your page, we will know about it. We can see the exact changes they made and either correct any inaccurate information. If the update is malicious and not accurate, we can also remove information to protect your reputation. It is a regular occurrence for new pages to be updated dramatically and even removed. Some of the more significant updates can leave your page with a warning message at the top of your page.

Each day there are hundreds of thousands of updates to Wikipedia pages and many are malicious and inaccurate. Protect your reputation and secure peace of mind with our page management and protection service.