How Much Does It Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page

You all know Wikipedia is the global platform commonly known as the information hub. If you want to discover knowledge about a small city in Africa, it provides detailed information for every region of the entire world. Due to credible and integrated information, Alexa states that this site has become the 14th most visited site with more than 7 billion views per second. Moreover, Wikipedia is widely recognized for delivering reliable, authentic, and immense details related to anything or everything. Even it sets the record of crafting 598 articles per day at a rate of 2 edits every second.

If you are planning to create a Wikipedia page, it is essential to have a look at the cost to create a page. The cost to create a wiki page depends on numerous factors, one of the most important aspects is notability, which is why the cost to create a Wikipedia page varies between $1499 to $2999. Moreover, it is also influenced by several other factors, such as; editing cost, writer cost, agency cost, and page monitoring cost. So, if you create a Wikipedia page, it permits lots of benefits.

Wikipedia is a well-known platform, and this ever-expanding hub eventually turned itself into a highly reputable platform that guarantee to accelerates your ranking on different search engines. This platform offers ample opportunities to every business in order to garner the attention of the target audience. This worldwide platform helps to maintain credibility, so here you find 53.31 million registered articles among them 52.07 million pages on it.

Nonetheless, this platform achieved its position as the online encyclopedia. But, like other traditional encyclopedias, it is not restricted to the number of resources likewise writers, editors, creators, and others. The best thing about Wikipedia is that it is the user-generated platform on which anyone can easily access the information at any time and make reliable changes with proper and authentic resources. It even enables visitors to reach information in almost 304 languages.

If you are thinking, why do you need to create a Wikipedia page and how much does it cost to create a Wikipedia page, then read this comprehensive guide thoroughly.

5 Perks For Having A Wikipedia Page

Bear in mind, Wikipedia page is more than having an outlook for any kind of entity. It eventually offers far-reaching benefits that help in gaining quick online identification and also aids to attract more traffic. In short, this platform act as the secret weapon to build trust and ensure that your target audience believes in the information you provided.

So, let’s have a look at the top 7 reasons for having a Wikipedia page;

1.  Allows to increase your traffic

As mentioned above Wikipedia ranked in the topmost visited sites, which means it assists viewers with the most reliable information. Once the readers find your information integrated, they eventually start trusting your brand services. It results in an increase in the organic traffic to your site. And, it also improves your visibility which means you are not limited to your page.

2. Helps to build credibility

The most critical reason for having Wikipedia is that it not only increases the site traffic but also adds credibility to the information you provided. However, Wikipedia is strict to follow the notability guidelines to make sure that content is gathered from authentic resources.

3. Helps to boost sales

Wikipedia also plays an incredible role in building customer perceptions on any type of topic you are writing. Suppose you are a brand owner and willing to increase your sales, then you must need to create significant content that helps to convert the prospects into regular customers.

4. Increase organic search results

Without any doubt, the Wikipedia page is the reputable platform that revolves encompassing the principles of notability. When you add information that is rich with a reliable source and also valuable for the visitors, it eventually helps to increase the organic reach.

5. A powerful marketing tool

In this world of digitization, it is important to have an online existence on one of the reputable platforms, so Wikipedia is the best option for it. This valuable platform helps to display amazing personas & also exhibits people’s silhouettes in the world. Every month, 480 million peoples depend on Wikipedia to get detailed information related to anything.

How To Create A Notable Wikipedia Page

Before diving into the cost of creating a Wikipedia page, it is important to understand the steps of creating a Wikipedia page. If you think creating a Wikipedia page is the piece of cake, then it’s not the way you think. There are certain community guidelines that you must have to follow to get a perfect wiki page that eventually sails through everything.

Below are mentioned the steps that you should follow for having a seamless Wikipedia page;

1) Determine your aim

Before you dive into the Wikipedia page creation process, it is imperative to know why do you need to create it. There are multiple reasons for having a wiki page, so ensure that you are clear with the aim in order to create a seamless page.

2) Create a Wikipedia account

Create Wikipedia account

The next step for the Wikipedia page is to create an account on Wikipedia. Without having an account on Wiki, you are not able to avail the inner features. So, before any editing, page creation, and content creation, you must have to create an account. The account creation process is quite simple, and it can easily be verified through email.

3) Contemplate the wiki page creation policies

Getting a Wikipedia page is not that complex task, until or unless you thoroughly understand the page creation policies. So, if you are a newbie, there are several things that you need to be careful about and the things that you need to avoid. These aspects surely aid you in developing creative and engaging content that meets Wikipedia standards.

4) Verify your presence on Wikipedia

Verify your presence on Wikipedia

Before Wikipedia permits you to have an online page, you must have to act as the editor. You only need to edit the page that exists on Wikipedia with reliable information and appropriate hyperlinks. If the editing can be approved. This may sound easy, but it might be the first hassle for your page creation process. Make sure you read Wikipedia editing policies to add trustworthiness.

5) Research the topic wisely

The Wikipedia research can be performed in two steps. The first type of research is to gather the data related to the topic you are choosing. The second type of research is to find out the page exists on Wikipedia or not. Bear in mind, your topic is never covered on Wikipedia, make sure that it is unique and exclusive. For topic verifiability, you have to check the red and blue link. The red link shows that the page does not exist and the blue link shows the availability of page on Wikipedia.

6) Start the page creation process

When your topic is approved, you are at the phase to create a Wikipedia page on the article wizard under the instructions and warnings provided by the Wikipedia community. Be mindful while creating Wikipedia page that your content is kept in a neutral tone and free from any conflict of interest. Avoid promotional tone, use concise sentences, avoid grammar errors, and be clear about the things you are writing.

It doesn’t matter what type of page you are creating, avoid advertisement and any kind of bias content, as it is strictly prohibited. Make sure you cite everything properly from a reliable resource.

Start the page creation process


7) Preview your page content

After the content completion, you have to preview the content and proofread before you post it on Wikipedia. Content preview helps you in examining your mistakes and aids you in fixing the loopholes. Proofreading is the most critical step for the page creation process. When you are improvising your content, you can also check out that your content must follow the Wikipedia policies to create content that is free from any type of error.

8) Submit it for approval

After proofreading, page submission is the final step. This is the time when you have to submit the page to Wikipedia page creators. The page submission process is not too difficult. You only need to go into your account and then look for the option “create a page”. This option might list on the left of your profile. You can upload your file and even submit the title to an individual box.

This may take approximately 3 to 6 months to get your page approved. If they find any kind of error, the editors must ask you to reread the content. In such a case, the error is unignorable, your Wikipedia page might be rejected.

9) Page Editing & management

Many page creators think once they get their page on Wikipedia, then their responsibility is over. You need to keep in mind that the information is changing after a time period. So, it is essential to keep them updated regularly. You can even hire the experts who gradually update your wiki page and make sure that the information you discuss must be legit and notable.

The Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page

If you are wondering about how much does it cost to create a Wikipedia page, you have to determine that there are several factors included in making up the cost to create a Wikipedia page. The very first thing that influences the contribution of the total budget is the notability of your page. The more credible and legit the content created, the more the cost of the Wikipedia page is estimated.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page?

You read above that the Wikipedia page creation process is a daunting and intimidating task. It requires lots of effort and research to get a flawless page without hassle. The cost to create a Wikipedia page depends on lots of factors. However, the cost to create a Wikipedia page might be low as $800 to the highest of $3000. However, the whole Wikipedia page creation process depends on the factors you want to add to your Wikipedia page.

Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page For Entities That Are Not Notable 

If you want to create a Wikipedia for an entity that is not notable in search engines, the writer and editors need to put more effort into creating worthy content. They will help you in creating such Wikipedia page that helps to boost online recognition.

So, the writers need to do strategic planning, and it requires loads of hard work and diligence to make informative content. For this, the cost to create a Wikipedia page might vary from $1500 to $2700.

Other Factors To Influence Cost

When it comes to Wikipedia page creation cost, there are several other factors on which the cost to create a Wikipedia page varies. After the layout and other content aspects of Wikipedia, the other factors on which cost depends are discussed below;

  • The Estimated Cost Of Hiring A Wikipedia Editor

As you all know that editor’s job is considered as the most important thing in any kind of industry. So, if you are creating a Wikipedia page and looking to hire an expert editor from any corner of the world, they may charge $500 to $1500 to create a Wikipedia page. The cost may high when they are providing exceptional services.

  • The Estimated Cost Of Hiring A Wikipedia Writer

If you are looking for professional writers, you always want to find highly skillful and proficient writers. That’s the reason the cost of writing a Wikipedia page through professional writers ranges between $400 to $1300. However, the cost of creating a page is also hinged on the experienced they have in the writing field.

  • The Estimated Cost Of Wikipedia Page Monitoring

If you think the process of Wikipedia page creation and editing journey comes to an end after successfully approved then it is not true. Another thing you have to contemplate is the page maintaining services. Without any argument, it is imperative to manage the page. You can hire a technological specialist who tracks your page, and their cost may start from $1500.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Wikipedia Page?

The cost to make a Wikipedia page generally ranges between $800 to $3000. The prices may vary due to the principles of notability and credibility.

What Is the cost of monitoring a Wikipedia page? 

After page creation, its maintenance is another crucial task. Thus, the cost of maintaining a Wikipedia page start from $1500.

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