How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a School

Do you want to learn how you can easily create a Wikipedia page? Let’s face it, creating a Wikipedia is not a cup of tea. Even the most experienced writers can get it wrong and face rejection after the final review. So, when it comes to beginners, who hardly, have any experience in the field then it is quite understandable that it can be quite a challenging job for them.

The increasing demand for Wikipedia pages or articles by business organizations, entrepreneurs and other individuals is acting like gravity for people because there is now a spike in the number of people, who want to get into the page creation industry.

See, Wikipedia pages are considered as an essential part of the marketing strategy for most brands and individuals around the world. Due to its ability to create awareness and engage target audiences effectively, Wikipedia pages are considered as one of the most amazing marketing tools in the world. Not only do these pages help brands and individuals to create awareness and engage their target audiences but also, these wikis are also quite useful when it comes to increasing the overall reach, reputation, credibility, online visibility and much more, for brands and individuals across the world.

As you can figure out that Wikipedia pages are extremely important and can be termed as quite a significant investment for brands and individuals. Therefore, the worth of knowing and understanding how to create a Wikipedia page has increased as well.

So, if you are someone, who wishes to create a Wikipedia page and has no prior experience in the field then you can easily learn how to do it by reading on. Following are some steps, which will help you in the creation of a Wikipedia page or article. These steps have been tried and tested by experts across the globe and following them will certainly, increase your likelihood of getting your wikis published on the official platform.

The Easiest Page Creation Process

·         Step # 1 – Register Yourself on the Platform

·         Step # 2 – Pick an Appropriate Title for Your Article/Page

·         Step # 3 – Conduct Comprehensive Research

·         Step # 4 – Write up the Content

·         Step # 5 – Submit Your Page/Article for the Final Review

Step # 1 – Register Yourself on the Platform

To put it simply, you are not required to create an account and register yourself on Wikipedia in order to create or edit a page or article on it. So, why is it the first step? Why is this guide focusing on you starting with creating an account on Wikipedia? See, even though it is not a necessity to create an account for a page creator to create or edit pages but, registering yourself still have some really amazing benefits, as far as the creation and editing of a page or article is concerned.

After creating an account on Wikipedia, you can easily create a user page, which allows you to provide information about yourself, in the Wikipedia community. Along with this, your user page can also serve as a platform, where you can save links to your pages and use this platform to build a reputation for yourself as well.

Moreover, you can also create user talk pages once you are a registered member of Wikipedia. With these talk pages; you can share information and discuss about different topics with other Wikipedia users as well. With an account on Wikipedia, you also get access to the advanced editing tools of the virtual encyclopedia as well.

Furthermore, when it comes to creating an account on Wikipedia then you need to understand that the account creation process is extremely simple and there is no particular reason why you shouldn’t go for it. You simply, need to visit Wikipedia and click on the “create account” option on the top right side of the page. Once you click on it, after that you simply, need to provide information, which Wikipedia asks from you.

Step # 2 – Pick an Appropriate Title for Your Article/Page

The second step for you is to start working on picking an appropriate page title for your article or page. Now, there are a couple of things, which you need to keep in mind, when selecting a title for your page, which are that you must ensure that you are following the notability criteria of the virtual encyclopedia. Now, the notability criteria ,is all about whether your topic is considered to be notable enough to have a separate page on Wikipedia.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that your page or article title is not present on Wikipedia either. Wikipedia does not allow such pages, pages with similar page titles. if your article’s or page’s title is similar to some other page on the virtual encyclopedia then all you will be allowed to do is to edit the information on the existing page to update the existing page.

Step # 3 – Conduct Comprehensive Research

Once you have selected the title of the page, which is both, unique and notable enough to have its own separate page then you must start collecting information for your topic. Now, when you are collecting information about your topic then you must ensure that you are following the research policies of Wikipedia to the dot, which clearly say that Wikipedia is not a place to share any original research. As far as collecting information from verifiable and authentic sources is concerned then you are all good to go.

Step # 4 – Write up the Content

Now, you need to start creating the content of your page or article. However, you must take care about following the content policies of Wikipedia at all times. Moreover, you must also ensure that you are following the right way to structure your article or page as well. Without following the content policies of Wikipedia, writing an article or creating a page on Wikipedia is pretty much, a waste of time because your pages will not go through the final review process.

Step # 5 – Submit Your Page/Article for the Final Review

The final step, which you need to learn in order to know the process of how to make a Wikipedia page for a school is simply to check your work thoroughly and comprehensively. You must ensure that you thoroughly review your own work before you can submit it for the final review process, which will be done by the volunteers at Wikipedia.

You must know this, that if, for any reason, your pages or articles are not accepted then the next time if you try to get an article with the same title published, it will be screened more strictly than before. Therefore, you should make sure that you get your articles published in your first attempts.


Can you create a Wikipedia page for a school?

Yes, you can create a Wikipedia page about any topic, as long as it fulfills the notability requirements of the platform. Your topic simply needs to be unique and notable to merit having its own separate page, no matter what your topic is.

Does it take long to get your wikis published?

Creating an article or page takes somewhere between 3 and 5 weeks while, getting these articles or pages approved may take somewhere between 4 and 6 months. So yes, it does take around 6 months for a Wikipedia article or page to be published. Now, it depends on what your definition of long actually, is.

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