How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist – A Comprehensive Roadmap

Over the years, Wikipedia has turned into the only user to user platform that is providing the most comprehensive and reliable collection of information. Wondering what user to user means. Well, wikipedia is a platform where users provide information about an extensive range of subjects and topics to other users across the world. It is safe to say that this is a platform which is made by people, for the people and updated by people.

With fifty-two million pages, wikipedia is now easily the largest data base in the world. The total of 6.2 million articles is a figure that can make it crystal clear that this online platform is unrivaled when it comes to providing authentic information.

Furthermore, this online encyclopedia is growing at an exponential rate and about 17000 articles are added to this platform on a monthly basis. In the year 2006 this figure went up to an astounding 50000 articles per month.

Wikipedia, known as one of the most visited online platforms in the world, is a multi-lingual virtual platform/encyclopedia. By the end of 2020, wikipedia has recorded information in a total of 314 languages out of which 10 are not being used anymore. However, English seems to be the largest contributing language on this virtual encyclopedia database. Though it is steadily decreasing but, it still makes up to 11.21% of the total database.

Looking at the results of the researches made above, it can be assumed that there is a significant relationship between improvements made by user contribution on wiki pages to the results in people’s overall behavior. Keeping this in mind, many platforms have started using wikipedia pages as means to increase their own revenues. Positive changes have been observed as wiki pages engage the target audiences quite well.

Guide To Help You Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

Learning how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist will require you to have a lot of insight on the how professional wikipedia artist profile writers go on about it. The basic layout and structure of your artist biography page can easily be found on wikipedia. Simply following the details and steps can allow you to create a page for an artist that will have an increasing chance to get the approval of the platform. If you pay attention to the contents of the page, then it will certainly get easier for you to gather the information and compose the page according to the standards of the virtual encyclopedia.

However, you will require information on how to create a page on wikipedia.

The Methods of Creating a Page

You must remember that every wikipedia page can only be created if it doesn’t already exist on the virtual platform. Now, how do you know if a page exists on wikipedia or not? Well, there is a very simple way to find out. You simply need to make a search on the wikipedia. If a page already exists, then it will provide a blue colored link in the results. This blue colored link reflects the fact that a page by the specific page title exists, meaning that you cannot create any further pages with the same page titles on the virtual encyclopedia.

In case the page does not exist, then you will see a red colored link in the results. Now, there are four basic methods on how you can create a page.


Type the text in the search option that you want to use as a page title. If a page with the same title exists, then you will be shown a blue link as mentioned above and a red link in case it doesn’t exist. However, after you have seen the red link you will also be presented with certain options by the virtual encyclopedia 1) information that the page does not exist on the platform, 2) suggest that you can make a wiki page and 3) it will present you with a red link of the page (colors may vary depending on the page skin you are using).

Previewing the Red Colored Link:

Following these four simple steps you can create a page through this particular method.

  • Choose the edit option on any of the accessible pages
  • Enclose your chosen page title in double brackets.
  • Push the “Show Preview” option (Do Not Mistake It with The Publish Changes Option)
  • Push the red link shown after the third step.

Change The URL Method

You can start by clicking the edit option on any of the already created pages or page sections and then edit the page title that is being shown in the URL in your address bar to your desired page title. Press enter and the page you will now be landing on will exactly be the same if you had chosen to push the red link. This method will also you to create your desired page with your chosen title.

Save The Red Link

Normally, once you create a page, usually you save the red link on your user page. Once you save the link there it changes its color to blue. This provides to unlimited and anytime access to your page. Now, what you have to do is follow the steps below to create a page:

  • Visit your user page which is shown on the top of your wikipedia page.
  • Enclose your page title with double brackets.
  • Opt for the “Publish Changes” option.
  • Go on the red link which is shown as a result.

Basic Criteria for Creating a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

Now, you know how you can create a page on wikipedia for your desired topic. However, writing for a wiki page can turn into a total nightmare if you don’t have the proper knowledge of how to go on about it the right way. Knowing the basic criteria for creating an artist page may be something that can help you through this arduous task job.

There are certain steps that can make the process for creating an artist’s page easier.

Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist:

Account Creation

Not that it’s an obligation for the writer; however, creating an account on wikipedia allows a writer to build a reputation for him/herself. The process to create an account wikipedia is fairly simple. Simply, visit the website and click on the “create account” option available on the top right corner of your page. It is a simple sign-up process and is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to create a wikipedia page on an artist.

Select A Title

Before you begin with the writing process, you first need to ensure that the title of your page is accepted by the virtual encyclopedia. If the page is already present on the platform, then the only thing you can do is make edits on the page. However, in case you make a search on wikipedia and land on a page that provides you with a red link then it means you can create the page with the following title.

Apart from this, you also need to make sure that the title you are choosing meets the notability criteria of the virtual platform. What is the notability criteria? Well, in simple words, your topic needs to deserve to be on wikipedia. Your topic will go through a test where wikipedia will decide whether the title or topic deserves the right to be given a whole page to it.


Once you are positive about the fact that your topic is both notable and non-existing on Wikipedia, then the next step is to gather all the relevant information about your chosen topic. In case of a wikipedia page on an artist, you will need to conduct a thorough research on the life of the artist. You will need information on every piece of work he has ever done, all the awards he has ever won and gather information about all the relevant aspects of the artist’s life.

As far as the type of research is concerned, you wikipedia page must not contain any kind of original research. However, making use of references and citations which are closely related to the topic must be provided in the content. You must go for publish sources rather than working on any original theories or analysis of any kind.


After getting done with your research, you must now focus on the most difficult and arduous task in this process. The writing part is where you will need to be extremely careful. Wikipedia page writing is different from writing on any other platform that you have ever written on. This is precisely why most writers are advised to practice by editing different pages. However, there are rules for editing a wikipedia page as well.

While writing on your wikipedia artist page you must ensure that you are writing well within the boundaries set by the writing guidelines and policies of wikipedia. These are the dos and don’ts of wiki writing. Other than that your content must be extremely neutral and unbiased. Your content must not be inclined towards any specific theories or ideas. And last but not the least, your page content must not include any kind of promotional content.


Your wiki page is now completed. You must submit your page for the official screening and review process of the virtual encyclopedia. Your wikipedia artist page will be checked thoroughly by the virtual encyclopedia based on its approval criteria. Now, it is always a good practice to thoroughly check your page before you submit it and check your page according to the approval criteria of wikipedia so that your page stands a higher chance of approval.

The Difference Between Wikipedia Article, Page, Entry, Profile and Biography

Learning how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist then this is probably the first thing you need to know. You need to learn to differentiate between these terms articles, entries, pages and profiles.

Now, as mentioned in the above stats, you can clearly see that the number of Wikipedia articles is a million more than wiki pages. The reason is simple, every Wikipedia page is an article but every Wikipedia article is not a page. It can become a little confusing. However, a simpler way to understand this is by looking at Wikipedia pages much closely. Whenever you start the process of creating a Wikipedia page, the first thing you end up doing is create a Wikipedia article or entry (articles and entries are the same thing). Now, once you have successfully created a Wikipedia article, the empty space needs to be filled with reliable and authentic information.

As soon as you add information on a Wikipedia article, it can now be categorized as a Wikipedia page. Many times you must have noticed that you have clicked a wiki link and have landed at an empty page that is providing no information on the topic at all. This empty page is the best example for a typical Wikipedia article.

Furthermore, a Wikipedia profile is a page that usually provides information on a façade of topics. The profiles provide a complete picture about the subject, its achievements, products, and all this information is usually supported by stats. Profiles can also be made about individuals, though these individual profiles can be about artist and celebrities, referring to information about their achievements in the vast world.

A Wikipedia biography on the other hand reflects all the information about a person’s life. Unlike a person’s profile, focusing only on a certain aspect of a person’s life, a biography provides a detailed account of the whole life.

A Wikipedia profile, biography and page can all be categorized as Wikipedia pages as they provide information. However, a Wikipedia article or entry is simply two names for the same thing.

What happens if you edit a Wikipedia page for an artist?

The editors at Wikipedia will review the changes you have made. If the changes still have some issues they will put your article on hold and will ask you to fix them.

What is the duration to get an Wikipedia approved?

It takes around 6 months to get a proper response from the platform. As the queries are in massive number, the editors take a bit of long time to respond back. If your page is approved you will get an email with the link of your published article.

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