How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

Making A Wikipedia page for a business is a new marketing trend. But, is this marketing trend worth it?

Wikipedia is one of the largest internet platforms. Since its inception in 2001, the encyclopaedia has become the go-to platform for many people looking for information. The key behind that is simple, the organization itself is keen on providing neutral, raw and unfiltered information, just as an encyclopaedia should. However, it has not stopped marketers and influencers from hailing Wikipedia as one of the key platforms in marketing today. From influencers claiming that Wikipedia improved their online presence, to business conglomerates acknowledging the role of the platform in marketing, it is undeniable that Wikipedia is truly a key platform in today’s digital marketing.

This brings us to the topic, does creating a Wiki page for your company improve its chances? It sure does, but you need to go through a stressful process first. This process is to make a Wikipedia page for your business. Because it is not a social media network or a blog that simply allows you to write whatever you like and paint your company in good colours. Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia, which is why the process of making your company’s page must be dealt with tactfully. So, how to create a Wikipedia page for your company that cruises through? The procedure is not simple or short, so let us understand a few key things before we talk about the process.

General Policies To Remember Before You Get Started

Wikipedia is chock full of policies and guidelines and each one must be tended to at all times. While creating other types of pages may not be as much of a hassle, creating a company’s page sure does requires a lot of work. Mainly because Wikipedia is sworn to be neutral. So, any whiff of slanted content or bias can jeopardize your company’s page creation.

It is wise to ensure that someone unrelated to your organization writes the content of your company’s page. How does that benefit you? In order to understand the significance of that, let us dive in and understand some general policies of the encyclopaedia.

·         Content

The first thing you need to understand about Wikipedia is the type of content that gets posted on it. Let us start with Article Titles, as Wikipedia states English speakers should be able to comprehend them and they must be “easy to find, precise, concise and consistent with other titles.” Then, the most important part of content creation on Wikipedia is Neutral Point Of View or as in the Wiki jargon: NPOV, which means that everything on Wikipedia must be “written neutrally and without bias.” Lastly, whenever articles cite sources, and according to Wikipedia, they should “whenever possible,” the sources must be verifiable. Therefore, you need to ensure that your company’s page is in NPOV, has a good title and features verifiable sources.

·         Conduct

Conduct is the general behaviour of an editor or the significance of the page on the Wiki community. For instance, if a Wikipedia page is determined to bring down a company or vandalize its name, then it is highly against Wikipedia’s conduct. So, the Civility guideline makes it clear that there is no space for rudeness or insensitivity in any wiki articles. In the same section, Wikipedia mentions vandalism again and expounds on the platforms intolerance towards “deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of encyclopaedia.” So, what you need to make sure is that your company’s page does not compromise any of that.

·         Deletion

Last but not the least, the Deletion policy makes it clear that any article that fails to meet the criteria mentioned above will be subject to removal from the platform. But, attack pages or articles with disruptive nature or lacking content will be removed immediately. This is why you will have to double-check if any content on your company’s page isn’t up to standards with this policy.

Creating A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

Now that we know the general conduct that you should keep when making your company’s page, let us dive in and understand how to create a Wikipedia page for a business. Bear in mind that each one of these steps will require thorough attention and patience, so, make sure you focus.

1.    Create An Account

create an accountThis is the top-right of every page on Wikipedia. Make sure to click the highlighted button to get the sign-up process started.

This is perhaps the easiest step in the process, as you need to be a user of Wikipedia in order to use the platform. While Wikipedia is not a social network, you do need to sign up to get access to its intricate features. Start by clicking on “Create account” on the top-right corner of your screen. Then, you will be lead through a simple form with four fields. After that, authenticate your account through your email and you are good to go.

2.    Become An Editor

Once you become a verified user of Wikipedia, that still does not mean you get to edit pages. Granted, that you will have access to editing pages and checking their history. However, you still need to prove yourself as an editor before Wikipedia allows you to amend, change or make articles. So, how do you go about fixing that? By becoming an editor, and for that to happen, you will have to edit existing articles.

While it can be a problem for many new users, but thankfully, Wikipedia has a list of articles prepped for new aspiring editors. These articles require amendments and Wikipedia encourages you to make copy edits. So, make sure that you pick the right one and also, you can select the one that you might already have come across. The article you edit can be in any category and not just company pages, for you to become an editor.

So, what you need to do is research your topic thoroughly as it will give you a vast idea of the Wiki page that you are going to edit. But, if you already have information that you wish to add or edit in mind, then simply proceed through. Cite the sources if you have to, and then await approval. Once done, you will be recognised as an editor on Wikipedia.

3.    Search For Your Article Or Create An Article

The real process to create a Wikipedia page for your company starts when you are claiming ownership to an article. Bear in mind that if your company is famed or renowned enough, then the article might already exist. Albeit it might be empty, but companies with enough notability tend to have their articles already made on the platform, as it could be a result of disambiguation or simply a mention in another article.

So, what you need to do is look for an existing article for your company. Wikipedia states that the platform has more than six million articles, so chances are that yours might already exist. But, what do you do if it does not? Then you simply apply on the platform to create one for you. This might take a day or two but it will be easier than claiming an existing article.

But, chances are that you will have to create an article in the end anyway. So, what you need to do is make sure that the article name is easy to read, as said before. Then, you need to categorize it properly. This will help Wikipedia know where to put your article in their various catalogues and then help you with quick approval of your content as well.

4.    Create A Draft

You might be thinking, when do I create a Wikipedia page for my business? Well, this is the part where you fire up Wikipedia’s Article Wizard and start making your company’s page. Your article might be created by now, so, it is time that you start tending to the content. However, you do need to keep the guidelines mentioned before in mind. Because you will have to tend to each and every one of them.

A company’s page needs to be rid of any sort of bias or opinionated content at all costs. Not only because you need to get your page approved, but also because it needs to last on the platform. So, what you need to do is ensure that you write each and every line in NPOV or neutral point of view and provide key information only. Then again, getting someone with no prejudice towards your company might be a good idea.

So, once your draft is ready, you will have to improve it until you think it is ready for review. Make sure that you get everything right, including the company’s key information such as establishment, infoboxes content, early stages, accomplishments, records, place of existence etc. The more thorough you are with your content and put them in the right sections, the easier it will be for a Wiki administrator to review your page.

5.    Cite Sources

cite sourcesThe significance of a source, every time the cursor hovers over the mention of the stat, record of accomplishment.

While this is part of creating your draft, the reason that it is a separate step is that once your page is up, you can always add information, new claims of fame and the sources for them. This is why citing credible sources is an integral part of creating a Wikipedia page. So, make sure that you mention them whenever there is a stat or some sort of third-party quote on the accomplishment of your company. The more identifiable your source is, the better it will be for your company’s page. So, make sure that you understand the credible sources before you mention them in your content.

6.    Submit For Review

Once your page is ready, make sure that you review it one more time. Chances are that you might come across a minor problem that might get in the way of your page’s approval. For any brand’s Wikipedia page, it is imperative that you get everything in order, especially the grammatical and structural integrity. Wikipedia has a whole guide for new editors on improving editing skills and formatting. Going through it is bound to help you improve your article one last time. So, make sure that you submit it for review once you think your article is ready for wiki admins.

7.    Revise In Case Of Disapproval

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: what happens if your page is not approved? You might think you went through all the trouble of understanding how to make a Wikipedia page for my company was in vain. So, once you get the result and in case your page is not approved, make sure that you know where things went wrong. Wikipedia administrators are quite vocal about articles that don’t’ fit the criteria for sanction.

So, they will tell you where the problem with your company page is. Once you get that information, make sure that you tend to the problem and revise it accordingly. Chances are, you will be able to get it right the second time around. However, you have to keep in mind that this is not a sprint; it is a marathon. So, take your time and make sure you get past the line this time.

What Makes A Company Eligible For A Wikipedia Page?

So, now that we know that the process for a Wikipedia page for a company, how do you make sure that your company is eligible? Bear in mind that Wikipedia has zero-tolerance for pages that don’t fill their standards. This means that if wiki experts deem that your company is not fit to have a page on the platform, then you may not have a page at all.

So, how do you work your way around it? By understanding the criteria first. Wikipedia provides all the information that you need in its credibility guidelines section. In other words, what makes the subject of an article eligible enough to get featured on the platform. Out of all the other types, they provide thorough information regarding company and organization pages.

There is a good reason behind that because company pages are one of the leading categories on Wikipedia. Mainly because editors are always finding how to make a Wikipedia page for an organization difficult compared to other types. So, here are two of the most important guidelines that you need to understand before you begin.

1.    Primary Criteria

One of the primary criteria is that just because an organization or company exists, doesn’t mean it is eligible to make its own Wikipedia page. It is like being mentioned in Guinness’ book of world records just for existing. So, Wikipedia has certain guidelines in place to ensure that only the eligible, noticeable and famed names are mentioned in the encyclopaedia. One example of this is Pan Am airlines.

While there have been many airlines in the past 100 years in US history, not many have their Wikipedia pages simply because they did not have the same historical impact that Pan Am did. So, it is not about historical impact either, it is about the significance of a company or organization with the general public and how it is perceived among the masses. So, make sure that your company fills that criteria to ensure swift approval of your page. While it doesn’t need to be as significant, the more celebrated the better.

2.    Application Of Said Criteria

So, how do you ensure the application of said criteria with your company? Significant coverage in media houses, press releases, publications, press mentions etc. Records and accomplishments such as numerical facts about the impact on the general economy of a country will suffice as well. Lastly, perhaps the most important one is the coverage of the company itself in pop culture, press or other credible sources.


Should I create a Wikipedia page for my business?

Yes, you should. Granted that your company is famed enough, creating a Wikipedia page will ensure that your company becomes a legitimate name in the online world. Not only that, companies with a presence on encyclopaedias are generally viewed as credible and legitimate options in any industry.

How can I create a Wikipedia page for my company quickly?

There is no shortcut to creating a Wikipedia page of any type, let alone of a company. Not only because the credibility and criteria demand that it take time to approve, but also to ensure the integrity of content and eligibility of the subject.

Is it important to build sources for my company wiki page?

Yes, it is. Because, if you wish to ensure that the page creation of your company sails through smoothly, you need to provide enough proof to Wikipedia administrators. Being mentioned in well-known press or media outlets will get the job done. However, so will ensure a viable online presence.

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