How To Create A Wikipedia Profile

Wikipedia is one of the largest and most-visited platforms in the online world. So, how do you go about making a profile on it?

Wikipedia has been around for past 20 and a half years. Since then, it has become the sole source of information for the users of the internet. Hearing something like “I read it on Wikipedia” is nothing uncommon in the age of the internet. This is why it is widely hailed as one of the most talked-about and most-visited platforms. In fact, stats suggest that it is the 13th most visited website in the world today. This means it is not only the key source of information for many but also the platform that can get you recognition in the online world. So, it is no wonder marketers wish to make profiles for their benefit. But, besides marketers, people from all sorts of backgrounds wish to make their profile in order to ensure the credibility and legitimacy of their work or themselves.

So, there is no wonder that there is a surplus of people looking for ways to make their profiles on it. Now, Wikipedia is not a common social media network, but we’ll come to what Wikipedia is and what it is not later on. For now, just know that signing up on Wikipedia and making a profile on it poses a big challenge, especially if you are new to this. However, every problem has a solution and so does this. So, how do you go about making a profile? Well to help you understand how to get a Wikipedia profile, here are a few key things you need to understand.

Make Sure Your Subject Is Credible

Credibility is one of the chief things that Wikipedia puts aside anything else. So, what makes a subject credible enough to have its own page on the platform? The answer to that question is not simple, because there are many branch policies and intricacies to Wikipedia guidelines. But, to properly understand how to create a profile in Wikipedia, it is important that you grasp the central idea of general credibility guidelines on Wikipedia.

Make Sure Your Subject Is CredibleA data chart on Wikipedia, demonstrating the significance and reliability of a source.

According to which, a subject is “presumed to be suitable for a stand-alone article or list when it has received significant coverage in reliable sources.” This means that anything famous, such as an event or a personage is suitable for a Wikipedia profile if they are famous enough. Another criteria that Wikipedia puts forth is “Significant coverage” in the same section of the guidelines. This means that some extraordinary happening, event or stat related to the profile’s subject is in record and, therefore, doesn’t require any other sources.

An important thing to understand here is Wikipedia’s verifiability. Bear in mind that this element of Wiki guidelines is much different compared to their reliable sources policy, as we’re still talking about the verifiability and credibility of the subject. So, here are a couple of key things you should bear in mind when judging your subject’s integrity for a Wiki profile.

To expound a little on that last one, you need to understand that even if your sources are verifiable, does not mean that it renders your subject credible enough to have their own Wikipedia page. So, understand this before you get started.

Creating A Profile On Wikipedia

Before we talk about the more intricate policies and guidelines, let us talk about the topic at hand first. In order to create a Wikipedia page, it is imperative that you focus on the key elements of the process. While there are certainly more intricacies to the subject, there are certain steps you need to take regardless. So, let us dive into the creative process itself.

1.    Sign Up

This one should go without saying, as you need to make sure that you have an account. Wikipedia is much like any other premium platform in this regard, as it will grant you access to the more exclusive features only if you have an account. So, once you fill out their forms and go through their two-factor authentication, you will be able to set up your account and move on to the next step.

2.    Become An Editor

In order to access the page creation tools, you need to become an editor on the platform. However, editing a Wikipedia page can be a problem, particularly if you have no idea where to begin. But, Wikipedia makes it easier for aspiring editors and page creators by providing a list of articles that need editing. While it might sound like a long shot, using this list can help you identify the right type of article you should be editing.

All you have to do is look for the article that falls into your playhouse and if it does not, a bit of research might help you find some information that you can add or edit. Then, once your edited copy is approved, you will be credited as one of the editors of the article.

3.    Search For An Article

Once you are a credible editor for the platform, it will open the intricate sections of the website for you, including the creation of an article. So, to create a Wikipedia profile, you need to find the name that you wish to add or edit information to. Bear in mind that an article is simply an empty page without any information.

Moreover, if your subject is renowned enough then chances are that they might already have a page. So, you may not need to wait a week or two to make an article in the first place. However, if you cannot find the article for your subject, then move on to the next step.

4.    Create An Article

This phase of the creation deals with your article’s creation, in case it does not exist. However, the procedure might take up a week or two, depending on the category and type of biography that you wish to write. So, once you are past that, make sure you create an article for your subject, and once it is approved, then on to the next step.

5.    Create A Draft

Once your article is created or found, depending on the outcome of the previous two steps, you need to create your content. Bear in mind that this section of your profile or biography would require the most attention, so take as much time as you need. Start by initiating a draft, once your article is up. Then, make sure you add content accordingly and fill up each section of the biography.

Depending on the category of your subject, you might be required to add information such as records, stats, achievements and other vital information besides personal information. But, the most important sections of a profile are early life, age, place of birth etc. So, make sure you tend to these in your initial drafts and make changes later.

6.    Cite Sources

cite sources

A verifiable source on the profile of Christian Bale, when clicked\hovered over the source’s backlink.

As mentioned before, verifiable sources are one of the essentials to create a Wikipedia biography. So, once you mention elements that might require verification, such as a claim to a record, stat, achievement, fact, quote etc. then make sure that you cite the source for it. This will not only make the job easier for the Wiki administrator reviewing your submission of the profile but also ensure that you get past the approval phase. So, whenever you mention things like that, make sure you have a source to back it up.

7.    Expand Formatting

Once your draft is complete and sources are cited, you will have improved the formatting of your profile. This section will help you ensure that you get everything right before you push the submit button. There is a model article for every category on Wikipedia, and the platform lists them as “the perfect article.” So, if you are sceptical about pushing that submits button, make sure you go through the ingredients that make an article the perfect one for Wiki overseers.

8.    Submit For Review

This is the scary part for someone who has been working on their articles for weeks. However, you have little to fear if you have tended to all the guidelines and policies mentioned before. Therefore, move forward with confidence and bear in mind that even if you don’t make it past review, it won’t be the end. Because, once your page is approved or denied, there is more to it anyway.

9.    What To Do If A Profile Is Denied

Now, let us talk about the worst-case scenario for a second. What do you do if your submission is disapproved by a Wiki manager? Well, then you go back to the drawing board and simply fix the mistake that might have made it happen in the first place. Granted that it sounds easier than done, but it is nothing impossible. So, keep your chin up and tend to the problem that caused the downfall of your profile in the first place.

Important Policies & Guidelines

Now that you know the process for your profile to get published on Wikipedia, you might be eager to go through the process. However, before you get started, let us get some of the most important things out of the way.

·         Core Content Policy

Wikipedia has three most important core continent policies that are important to pages of any type. So, one of them is NPOV aka neutral point of view. Because Wikipedia articles need to be of encyclopaedic nature, and therefore, cannot afford to have a bias of any sort.

·         Wikipedia’s Five Pillars

This one is particularly important to understand, as the five pillars of Wikipedia will give you an idea of what the platform really is. The first pillar simply states that it is an encyclopaedia, and is not to be treated like a soapbox or advertisement platform. Then, it expounds once more on how Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view. The third one simply says that Wiki features free content that “anyone can use, edit, and distribute.” The fourth one proclaims that Wikipedia editors should “treat each other with respect and civility.” So, any vain edits to your peers might cost you your account on Wikipedia. Lastly, the fifth rule states that while Wikipedia has guidelines and policies, there are no firm rules which are “Carved in stone.” Which means that anything on the platform is subject to change.

·         What Wikipedia Is Not

Wikipedia has a dedicated page\article to help you understand what the platform is not. It says that it is not a publisher of original thought, means of promotion, dictionary, soapbox, blog, website, social network or a directory. Therefore, treating the content on it as anything but encyclopaedia will land you in hot waters with the administration.

Build Your Sourced Beforehand

Now, this element of the Wiki page creation is seldom talked about. Mainly because not many people think that it is a viable option to talk about. However, not all of the subjects on Wikipedia came with full-blown credibility in advance, as some had to establish their own before getting started. This is why you need to do the same if you wish to create a Wikipedia biography page. So, you learned about credible sources earlier on and you need to make the most of it.

Before you even sign up for Wikipedia, make sure that you are building credibility around your subject. If you wish to understand how to create a Wikipedia bio, understand the right type of sources for your subject’s category. Then, you will have to build sources in the online world and other physical publications. However, if it already exists, then you can simply skip this step.

Yet, if you look at ways of understanding how do I create a Wikipedia profile, you will find many things related to the credibility criteria of Wikipedia. So, you need to make sure that you create a viable presence before you get started.


How long does it take to write a Wikipedia profile?

One of the key things with Wikipedia profiles is their category. If your category requires you to write various pages, then it might depend upon the integrity and nature of your content. It will also depend on the type of sources that you have for elements such as records, stats and accomplishments.

How important is credibility in making a wiki biography?

It is a very important element, as most of the biographies on Wikipedia go through multiple verification factors. Therefore, the more credibility your subject has, the easier it will be for you to make the profile for it.

How long will it take to get a profile published on Wikipedia?

Once again, it depends on the length and category of your profile. Yet, if you talk about an average biography page, then verification and various other deciding factors might take a week or two before a page is published.

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