How to Make a Wikipedia Article About Yourself

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Make a Wikipedia Article About Yourself

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How Do I Create A Wikipedia Page For Myself

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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Someone

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  1. How do I create a Wikipedia page for myself?

Wikipedia allows everyone to create or edit the pages on Wikipedia platform, on various topics. However, it does not allow creating a page about yourself. This means you cannot create a Wikipedia page for yourself but it can be created by someone else, if he or she finds you credible or important enough to write about you.

  1. How much does it cost to create a Wikipedia page for myself?

Creating a Wikipedia page definitely comes with a cost but it is quite affordable for almost everyone. However, we offer various packages and affordable rates for different types of Wikipedia pages. You can avail the skills of our expert professionals in a very reasonable cost to get a Wikipedia page created.

  1. Who is eligible to create a Wikipedia page for himself?

To be eligible to create a Wikipedia page a person has to do many efforts. Firstly, he needs to edit many pages to show his credibility and then he becomes eligible to create a page for him or herself to get it approved is an even longer task. However, nobody is eligible to create a page for him or herself as Wikipedia does not approve pages that people create about themselves.

  1. Can anyone make a Wikipedia page?

Yes! Anyone can make a Wikipedia page but it is not an easy task to do. Wikipedia allows everyone to create or edit the Wikipedia pages anytime. There is procedure that need to be followed by the people who want to make a page or edit any existing pages on the Wikipedia platform.

  1. How do I create an autobiography on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia allows all of its users to create pages on any topics that need attention or the ones the world needs to know about. It allows you to create biographies about other people. However, it does not allow anyone to create a biography, according to its policy that nobody can create a page about him or herself.