How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

When talking about Wikipedia pages, different people see these pages with different perspectives. Marketers see them as a tool for marketing, which they undoubtedly, are. SEO (search engine optimization) experts see these pages as a tool for ramping up their brand’s online visibility, which these pages most certainly can do very effectively. From a company’s perspective, these pages are great for creating awareness and engaging target audiences. However, looking at these pages from a reader’s or a user’s perspective then this virtual encyclopedia plays the role of a well of information.

It is safe to say that without a website like Wikipedia, the information age, which we know this era as, would not be known as the information age. It is one of those virtual platforms, which has successfully helped in putting the access of information on people’s fingertips.

Defining Wikipedia

However, what is Wikipedia? Knowing what this platform actually, is will determine how you can use it and how you can contribute on it as well. So, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, which is 100% sourced by the people, for the people. To put it simply, Wikipedia is a collaborative effort by people across the planet, to ensure that they have reliable information on every possible subject or topic in the world.

Now, Wikipedia is usually referred to as a sea of information because of its vast collection of knowledge and information. Imagine, with 6.3 million English articles, which only makes around 11% of the total articles or pages on Wikipedia, the total number of Wikipedia pages exceeds even a huge number of 53 million pages. Currently, Wikipedia has more than 41 million users in total and the number of admins exceeds 1000.

Furthermore, Wikipedia is a platform, which has kept on growing since its birth. Nowadays, the growth rate of Wikipedia, in terms of a number of articles uploaded on the platform, is more than 17000 articles per month. Now, this number has even gone up to more than 50000 articles per month as well but, that was back in 2006.

Learn how to make a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

Learning to make contributions on Wikipedia is not an easy task. It can and is quite a challenge to write up a page on Wikipedia, as Wikipedia maintains a certain standard, which everyone needs to follow if they wish to contribute on this platform.

Now, if you are a beginner, who is looking for a way, which can help in understanding and learning how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete or for yourself or even for your business, then you must ensure that you are following the steps mentioned below. Wikipedia writing and editing experts have devised a foolproof strategy, which can allow anyone, even a beginner to create a page, which can go live after the screening process.

Before moving onto the steps, here are certain aspects of Wikipedia page creation, which you need to comprehend before you can start writing or editing on Wikipedia.

Conflict of Interest

Mostly what happens is, that a business organization or an entrepreneur, wants to be visible on Wikipedia so that they can increase their online visibility, overall reach and use these pages as a means to create awareness and engage their target audiences in the most effective manner. As mentioned before, Wikipedia is undoubtedly, an amazing tools for making all of these things possible for a business organization and even individuals such as celebrities, movie stars or even athletes for that matter.

Now, if you are thinking of writing or creating a Wikipedia page for yourself, then you must make sure that your sense of objectivity is not compromised. See, it is very simple to understand, if you are creating a page about yourself or your business organization, then you are probably looking for some recognition and promotion. Now, this is where you have a conflict of interest with what Wikipedia is all about.

See, Wikipedia, as a platform takes pride in its ability and capacity to provide and deliver reliable information, which is offered to its users with a neutral point of view. Now, when you are writing about yourself or your business organization with a certain agenda then you are, if not anything, being biased and you are not creating this page just for the sake of creating awareness. You have an ulterior motive behind the creation of this page and this may cause a problem for your page’s acceptance.

As quoted on Wikipedia itself, conflict of interest can be understood by this statement quite clearly. “Do not edit Wikipedia in your own interests, nor in the interests of your external relationships.

Now, there are two simple, ways in which, you can easily, keep your interest out of the page creation process. The first way is to hire an experienced Wikipedia page writer, who knows the platform and its policies and guidelines inside out. The second way is to make sure you are following the behavioral guidelines of conflict of interest, when you are writing for your Wikipedia page if you are writing yourself. Now, in this case, you will have to keep your interests separate from your Wikipedia page and focus on creating awareness and write the article or page in a biased manner.

Create an Account/ Register on Wikipedia

Most of the guides, which you will see online about how to make a Wikipedia page for an athlete or for yourself, you will realize and notice that most of these guides start with the step of creating an account on Wikipedia. If you want to create a page or article on Wikipedia or if you want to edit on Wikipedia then most likely, every expert analysis will offer you this suggestion of creating an account on Wikipedia.

Why do you think this is so? When creating an account on Wikipedia or registering yourself on the platform is not an obligation for creating a page or editing a page then why is so much importance is given to it? Well, according to a Wikipedia page on account creation, “Registering doesn’t just give you better tools for making edits: An account facilitates everything from offering art to working with other volunteers.”

Contribution on Wikipedia does not require you to register yourself on the platform however, if you do so then you will be able to use all the various tools and facilities, which Wikipedia provides, which practically, makes it easier for contributors to make edits or create pages. With an account on Wikipedia, you can create your personal user page, which allows you to stay in touch with the Wikipedia community as well as share information about your work and yourself as well. Furthermore, collaboration with other Wikipedia writers and editors becomes much easier after creating an account on Wikipedia as well because once registered; you are allowed to create a user talk page, which helps a wiki page creator or editor to communicate with all the other community members as well. Furthermore, you can receive notifications about edits made to your previous articles as well. However, the best aspect about registering yourself on this virtual encyclopedia is that you are given access to the advanced editing tools, which can make editing much easier for you on this online encyclopedia.

Understanding Wikipedia

In order for your become a Wikipedia page creator or editor, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of this online platform. Now, one of the best ways to understand what the right thing to do is to have a comprehensive idea about what things you should not do. If you refrain from doing what you should not do then it is the best way to understand the limits of what you can do.

Now, Wikipedia helps its contributors in this matter in a very open and complete manner. Here are some basic practices, which you need to understand that you should not do, if you wish to create a Wikipedia page or edit on it.

  • Not a Place for Original Research: What you need to understand is that Wikipedia is a platform, where you provide information about verifiable facts. You need to gather the information from reliable sources, which can easily be tracked back by any user, if they wish to. Now, it is not a platform, where you can come and talk about original ideas or theories. You cannot use Wikipedia as a medium for introducing new words or concepts. It is not a platform, where you can conduct your primary research. If you are conducting primary research on a topic then you must understand that Wikipedia is not the relevant platform for your publish your research on, in fact, you must first publish the research on other appropriate platforms and then you may carry on about creating a page about that particular topic.
  • Talk about New Inventions: Wikipedia is not a platform, where you can come and offer information about an invention, which you have come up with. Whether it is a word, toy, electronic item or even a revolutionary technology as a smartphone, you simply are not allowed by Wikipedia policies to write articles about things like that.
  • Essay Writing: Wikipedia is not a platform, where you can simply, write about any particular idea, topic or feeling, which you may or may not have. Yes, Wikipedia is a platform, which is intended to collect information about every possible topic in the world but, it is not a medium, which people can use to distribute their personal ideas or concepts or even feelings. It is a platform, which only allows hard, verifiable and reliable facts.
  • Not a Platform for Discussion: Wikipedia provides its users and members with the liberty to communicate and talk with each other, even debate matters relating to contributing knowledge by giving them access to user talk pages. However, what you cannot do is use a Wikipedia article as a medium to talk to others or discuss your ideas with people.
  • Not a Promotional Platform: Even though Wikipedia is considered as a tool for marketing, which countless business organizations and individuals use to create awareness and engage their target audiences however, it is not a platform, which you can use to promote your products or your business for that matter.

Steps Needed to Make a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

Step # 1 – Choose a Title & Create a Page

The first step, which you need to take to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete is to first work on creating a page on the platform. Now, creating a page on Wikipedia is not a difficult task however, you may need to learn how you can accomplish that through reading this description. You can use the red link method to create a page on Wikipedia.

Now, when you visit Wikipedia, you need to search for the title in the search bar. If your desired title is already on Wikipedia then you will not be allowed to create another page and you will be presented with a blue link, which you can use to go on that particular page. However, if the page on that particular title does not exist then Wikipedia will provide you with a red link, which will denote that you can create a page on that particular topic. Furthermore, you need to pick a topic which is meeting the notability criteria of Wikipedia.

Step # 2 – Collect Information

Without collecting the relevant information about your topic, you will not be able to write the article on Wikipedia. Moreover, you need to collect the information from verifiable sources and you must have citations as well, to prove that you information is reliable.

Step # 3 –Write Your Article

Now, you have a page ready to be filed with information and you also have the relevant information as well. What you now need is to create content for your page. Now, the content creation of your Wikipedia page needs to be according to the provided guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. Following this link will help you to get in-depth information about each of these policies and guidelines from Wikipedia itself.  Some of the most basic things you need to know about writing on Wikipedia are that firstly, you must always keep a neutral tone when you are writing about any particular topic on Wikipedia. You must not lose sight on your objectivity and there must not be a hint of your inclination towards any particular idea or topic. Secondly, you must always make sure to follow the right page formatting, which Wikipedia allows.

Step # 4 – Check & Submit

Once you have written the article, you must now comprehensively go through it to find out and correct any mistakes and errors in it. The reason behind it is that once you have submitted it, then you cannot take it back and check or revise it. Therefore, it is better to ensure that your article does not have any errors to begin with, when you decide to submit it.

Once you submit your article, then you have to wait for it to be screened. Every article or page submitted on Wikipedia goes through this screening and review process, which is there simply, to protect and maintain the high standards of Wikipedia.


Can anyone create and edit pages on Wikipedia for an athlete?

Yes, technically, there are no rules, which say that certain people can or cannot create or edit on Wikipedia. However, if you look at it closely then you will realize that while everyone is permitted to create and edit pages on Wikipedia, not everyone can do it. It is not because they are not allowed or they need a license or anything like that but simply, because they do not have the expertise to create or edit pages or articles on the virtual encyclopedia.

How much time does it usually take to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete?

Normally, it may take somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks to create a Wikipedia page. However, it completely depends on the expertise and skills of the page creator, who is working on the page or article. It also depends on the topic of the page as well. An inexperienced page writer may take more time than 6 weeks to create a Wikipedia page. However, it may take an experienced page writer much less time than that. The time may vary on the difficulty of the topic and the proficiency of the writer.

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