How to Submit a Wikipedia Page for Review

A little insight about Wikipedia will be quite helpful in understanding the submission and review process of Wikipedia pages or articles. It is simply, too early to worry about page submission and review process when you do not even know anything about Wikipedia and how you can create a Wikipedia page or article.

If you are a beginner then it is highly recommended that you cover the whole nine yards before getting into page submission and review issues. However, if you are not a beginner and if you are someone, who is only interested in finding out about the submission and review process of Wikipedia pages because you are already done with your page creation, then you should simply scroll down and read the respective part under the “page submission and review” heading.

A Little Insight about Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, which thrives on delivering reliable information by collaboration from people across the planet. Wikipedia has a total of 1086 admins and its number of total users has exceeded 41 million. Furthermore, Wikipedia is a platform, which provides information in more than 300 languages, with English language being the most prominent language on the platform because it provides almost 11% of the total articles or pages on the platform. English articles on Wikipedia are now more than 6.3 million and the overall total of Wikipedia pages have now exceeded a massive figure of 53 million.

Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page

Now, since you have a basic understanding about Wikipedia as a platform, moving on to the page creation process makes sense. So, here are some steps, which can help you create a Wikipedia page. Submission and review will come after, when you are done with the creation process.

·         Step # 1 – Registering on Wikipedia

·         Step # 2 – Creating a Page

·         Step # 3 – Research

·         Step # 4 – Writing

·         Step # 5 – Page Submission and Review

Step # 1 – Registering on Wikipedia

The page creation process starts with you registering yourself on Wikipedia. Creating an account on Wikipedia may not be an obligation, however; it is still, quite beneficial for Wikipedia editors and writers to do it. The registration process hardly, takes a couple of minutes and all you need to do is simply, click on the “create account” option, available on the top right corner of the screen, when you visit the official website.

Now, why should you create an account on Wikipedia, when it is not an obligation? This question may be floating inside your mind. So, the reason to create an account on Wikipedia is to simply make use of the many facilities, which Wikipedia provides its users to help them in the editing and page writing process. Wikipedia accounts can provide writers with access to user talk pages, which registered users, can use to communicate and collaborate with other users on the platform. Creating a Wikipedia account also provides you access to user pages, which you can use to provide an introduction about yourself along with keeping a track of your progress on Wikipedia contributions. Furthermore, a Wikipedia account can provide you with advanced editing tools, once you are a registered member of the Wikipedian community, which can help you in the editing of a page.

Step # 2 – Creating a Page

Once you are a registered user, you can now proceed towards the page creation process. Now, before you start with this step, you will need to choose an appropriate title for your Wikipedia page, which is both, unique and caters to the notability criteria of the virtual encyclopedia. Once you have selected such a topic, you can now proceed towards the page creation process. Now, the page creation process is quite a simple procedure, as you only have to use the red link method. One of the easiest techniques you can use is the “URL method”.

In this method, you simply need to visit a certain Wikipedia page and you will notice that you will be able to see the title of the page in the address bar, which is part of the URL. Now, all you need to do is change the title of the page in the address bar and press the enter key.

Step # 3 – Research

Wikipedia has a very strict, no original research policy. According to this policy, you cannot use a Wikipedia page for floating any new theories or ideas, which have not yet been published. Wikipedia only allows information from and about topics, which have already been published on other research platforms. Furthermore, research is one of the most fundamental pillars of creating a Wikipedia page because without collecting relevant information from reliable and verifiable sources, you cannot create a page on a viable topic.

Step # 4 – Writing

Once you have collected enough information for your page, you can now start writing your Wikipedia article or page. However, you need to keep in mind the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia in this step and create content, which is according to the content policies of Wikipedia. Now, just to give you an idea about the content policies, some of the most important ones are that you must always keep a neutral tone of writing. You must always avoid conflict of interest and make sure that you are supporting your information with facts and reliable, authentic and verifiable citations at all times. Furthermore, there are other content policies as well, which you will need to follow as well.

See, the easiest way to understand this is for you to realize that you must create content, which is focused on creating awareness and that is based on facts. Wikipedia is a place of information, the main purpose of starting Wikipedia was always to spread reliable and verifiable information with everyone on the planet. If you keep true to these principles while writing on Wikipedia then you may have an easier time in writing for your Wikipedia page or article.

Step # 5 – Page Submission and Review

For all those, who wanted to learn about how to submit a Wikipedia article for review, this is the step for you. This is where you will discover the right way to submit your wikis. Well, now you have created your article and have written the content according to the policies and guidelines of the platform therefore, the only thing left to do is to submit your pages for the review process. However, it comes highly recommended that you should check and review your Wikipedia page or article yourself thoroughly before you can submit it for the review process because if you find a mistake then you can easily correct it but, if a mistake is found during the official review then your pages or articles may be rejected.

Now, moving on to the submission and review process, all you need to do is, that you must finish the creation of your page or article on the draft space on Wikipedia. Once you are done with drafting the Wikipedia article or page then you can click on the “show preview” option to check your work again and correct it. If you have already checked it then all you need to do is simply click the “save page” button to save your work and the “submit” option to make your page available to the volunteers for the final review.

How can you learn about how to submit a Wikipedia draft for review?

The easiest way to learn the way to submit your Wikipedia draft for review is to simply check Wikipedia itself for the right way to do it. Moreover, it is not much of a difficult task as it simply requires you to save your draft by pressing the “save page” button and submit your draft by clicking on the “submit” button.

How many days does it normally take Wikipedia to review a page?

Normally, if you submit your Wikipedia article or page for a review then it may take somewhere between 4 and 6 months to review a page or article by the volunteers, before it can be accepted or rejected.

Is it easy to create and submit a Wikipedia page or article?

As far as writing on Wikipedia is concerned, then Wikipedia writing is actually, considered as one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. However, it is not something, which can be counted as something impossible and there are many people, who are contributing on Wikipedia quite regularly as well.

Therefore, if you think about it and research comprehensively, then you will find out that the creation of a Wikipedia page or article is something, which can be done easily through a tried and tested procedure, which is based on certain steps. This technique is actually, a result of years of experience of many Wikipedia experts, who have devised an easy way for beginners. Furthermore, the best way to make sure that you are doing everything right on Wikipedia, as far as creation is concerned, then you must simply, go through the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia thoroughly.

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